Ubud - Indonesian Restaurant

"Ubud represents the pinnacle of Indonesian style and beauty. With a fresh modern twist to traditional Indonesian décor and food, Ubud came to have it all - style and substance."
- Eating Out (Sydney Weekender) - Channel 7

"The food is beautifully presented, combining with the slick decor to entice people to linger over their lavish meal ..."
- An online web review

"A nice venue with friendly staff, with excellent banquet style dinner."

"While dreaming of surfing in Bali, the funky little Ubud Indonesian Restaurant was the closest. With food this exotic, they need no fancy packaging while scoring points for being BYO"
- 9to5 Magazine

"You will never be able to imagine how original the food is. With a very reasonable price, you will not ever expect to be such good. The ambience is two thumbs up (modern Bali-Ubud) and with Chinese Indonesian girls as the waitresses, aahhh… heaven ..."
- An online reviewer